Protecting Your Child from the Impact of Divorce

Protecting Your Child from the Impact of Divorce

Although you cannot completely protect a child from the impact of divorce, there are things you can do to help them get through it:

Starting the Healing Process

When you deal with your own grief in a positive way, your actions will show your children that they can too.

Protecting Your Children from Conflict

Protect your child from witnessing any ongoing conflict between you and your child’s other parent.

Creating a Respectful Relationship

Dealing with your child’s other parent in a respectful and professional manner will help you raise your children in an environment that is secure and emotionally stable.

Speaking Positively About the Other Parent

It is important for children to believe that both their parents are good people. They will see the other parent character more clearly when they are mature enough to understand that no one is perfect.

Showing Concern not Curiosity

When you ask about your child’s time with their other parent, be sure that your motive is simply to hear about the visit and not to have your child share personal information about your former spouse.

Supporting Your Kids

Although some children seem so mature that they appear to handle to divorce very well, it is important that you deal with your own emotions so that your kids can lean on you for support if and when they need it.

Talking to Your Child About the Divorce

Talk to your children about their feelings so you can help them to clearly understand that they are not responsible for the divorce.

Understanding the Best Interests of the Child

Children need both of their parents. Unless there are abusive circumstances involved, both parents should have frequent access to the kids.


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