Kate Brewer

Kate Brewer has a passion for representing those who are trapped in complex or confining legal situations. Her passion has made her a valuable legal asset, inside and outside the courtroom. She is devoted to serving her clients with clarity and compassion, providing insight into deeply complicated circumstances. Her particular passion for family law has led her to The Harris Law Firm twice, once as a clerk and again as an experienced attorney. While she has served in other areas of law, family law continues to fulfill Attorney Brewer’s passion for helping others personally in meaningful ways.

Attorney Kate Brewer’s service on behalf of clients covers a broad range of areas, including:

  • Complex procedural law
  • Appeals
  • Grandparent visitation rights
  • Neglect
  • Non-parent parenting requests
  • Pet custody

Ms. Brewer began her education at Cornell University, where she earned her Bachelor’s in animal science. While she originally planned on becoming a veterinarian, she discovered a passion for law and earned a Juris Doctorate from Sturm College of Law at the University of Denver. While in law school, she continued expressing her love for animals by publishing a paper on the use of animals under federal disability law. At the same time, she became a clerk for The Harris Law Firm, where she ignited a passion for family law.

After law school, Ms. Brewer gained valuable experience as a Deputy District Attorney in Glenwood Springs, learning the court processes and developing a deep understanding of motions and appeals. However, her desire to help people could not be denied, so she left public service to become a family law attorney at The Harris Law Firm, returning as a valuable member of our legal team. She continues her passion for helping for families and animals through her involvement with our firm and with the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

When a client works with Ms. Brewer, they can depend on her extensive knowledge and insight into family law, constitutional law pertaining to families, and court processes. Combined with her drive and compassion, Attorney Kate Brewer possesses powerful legal skills that she employs on behalf of her clients.