Agreeing to Disagree Can Save You Thousands

August 6, 2009

Kevin MassaroBecause parenting is not an exact science, Colorado family law attorneys often rely on the expertise of Child and Family Investigators (CFI’s) when the parties disagree about children’s issues. Divorcing and divorced parents need to understand the father's parenting methods will very often differ from the practices utilized by the mother. Sometimes Dad's methods will be more effective, and on other occasions Mom's approach will create a far better outcome.  When former spouses are interacting peaceably, mistakes made by the other parent are often tolerated, but when there is strife within their relationship, the same mistakes can become overly problematic.  Similarly, conduct regarding the children that was acceptable during the periods of calm in the marriage can become an issue of endangerment when they divorce.  For example, Dad may have taken the kids out to ride on a dirt bike every summer since they were little. But now that Mom and Dad are no longer together, Mom may claim that dirt bike riding is “dangerous”.  Conduct that was acceptable during the marriage, with some exceptions, should be equally acceptable during times of turmoil.  When parents involved in a family law matter have reached an impasse that has created the need for a CFI investigation, they should consider that if they could agree to disagree about their unique parenting styles, they could save thousands of dollars in legal fees.

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