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Women: Healing From Divorce in a Healthy Manner

June 29, 2011
Categories: Post Divorce Info | Author: Harris Law Firm

Yes, divorce is hard and the entire process can be emotionally devastating, but be careful how you deal with your pain. Women going through a divorce often result to external means by shopping, having plastic surgery, or trying to create a new relationship before they have had time to heal. Shopping: For many women, shopping is a common method of  dealing with the emotional void. You are sad and you feel empty, so you go out and buy something new. Instead of purchasing something, deal with your pain in a more proactive manner. Go talk to some …

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McCourt's Divorce Leads the LA Dodgers to File for Bankruptcy in Delaware

June 27, 2011
Categories: Misc | Author: Harris Law Firm

LOS ANGELES (AP) - The Los Angeles Dodgers filed for bankruptcy protection in a Delaware court Monday, blaming the refusal of Major League Baseball to approve a multibillion-dollar TV deal that owner Frank McCourt was counting on to keep the troubled team afloat. The Chapter 11 financing permits the Dodgers to use $150 million for daily operations and buys time for the team to seek a media deal, the team said in a news release. The statement read that the day to day operations of the team would not be effected. Bankruptcy protection will provide the Dodgers with a process to address its immed …

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New York Approves Legislation to Allow Gay Couples to Marry

June 25, 2011
Categories: Colorado Divorce Info | Author: Harris Law Firm

As New York's gay couples celebrate their right to marry, and they can also take comfort in the fact that, if their marital bliss is temporary, they also have the right to file for divorce. New York State senators voted 33-29 on June 24th  to approve legislation that gave gay couples the right to marry. New York is the sixth and most populous U.S. state to allow same-sex marriage. With the right to marry, and formal laws in place,  same-sex couples also obtained the right to divorce, and the domestic relations law …

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The Harris Law Firm Accepts "Above and Beyond" Award for Pro Bono Work

June 24, 2011
Categories: Misc | Author: Harris Law Firm

The Harris Law Firm has received the “Above & Beyond” Award from Arnold & Porter and The Colorado Lawyers Committee for their service in the Legal Night program.   Legal Night is a program offering free legal advice to the low income communities in North and West Denver.  There was a reception and awards presentation on Wednesday night, June 23rd, from 5-7pm at the downtown law firm of Arnold & Porter.

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Can I Obtain a "Quickie Divorce" in Colorado?

June 20, 2011
Categories: Colorado Divorce Info | Author: Harris Law Firm

Yes, but not in Colorado. You can obtain a "quickie divorce" in the Dominican Republic, but it may  or may not be valid in your State. Some States in the US will not recognize Dissolution of Marriage decrees from the DR, so to save time and money, consider using a lawyer or mediator and filing for divorce in the US.  If you two can come to an agreement regarding the division of assets and parenting time, have an attorney draw up the necessary documents and file the paperwork for you. If you cannot agree, then utilize the services of a trained mediator, who …

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The Under-Employed Parent and the Calculation of Child Support

June 17, 2011
Categories: Child Support and Parenting Time | Author: Harris Law Firm

  Both parents are responsible for supporting their child. If one parent is accused of being under-employed, the court could say that they might be able to earn more, but that they are not shirking  their responsibility and the court may rule not to impute income to them.If you have similar situation and are considering going to court, it would be wise to have a lawyer review your situation and give you perspective. It is also a good idea to check out the actual difference in the child support to see whether the issue is worth arguing  - go to www. …

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Join The Harris Law Firm at Pride Fest Colorado!

June 16, 2011
Categories: Misc | Author: Harris Law Firm

The 2011 Pride Fest Colorado will celebrate diversity this weekend, June 18 and 19 at Civic Center Park in downtown Denver. Come to booth #L - 8 and talk with attorney Ryann Peyton about GLBT family law matters and sign up for our free seminar on July 13th at The Harris Law Firm. The seminar will be held at the firm: 1125 17th St, Ste 450, Denver, CO 80202. To RSVP for the Free Seminar, call us at 303 515 5000.

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Rebuilding Divorce Recovery Seminar

June 15, 2011
Categories: Post Divorce Info | Author: Harris Law Firm

Overcome the emotions of divorce Learn what went wrong Start designing your new future   Rebuilding Divorce Recovery Seminars   Cost:  $394.00.  Payment plans available. Format:  10 weeks, 3 hours per night.    Call about upcoming seminars!   For more information call Jeannine:  303-499-1987 

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Can Your Marriage be Saved After an Affair?

June 15, 2011
Categories: Misc | Author: Harris Law Firm

While it is entirely possible to have a relationship thrive after an instance of marital infidelity, it is not easy. If you are trying to save your marriage after you have had an affair, you have to prioritize your relationship and make your spouse your first priority.  Your spouse needs to know that you are sorry, remorseful, and you want your marriage to work. You must begin this process by being responsible and compassionate to your betrayed partner. Be empathic and work to understand the hurt they have suffered. Healing your relatio …

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Are You Getting Enough Sex?

June 13, 2011
Categories: Saving Your Marriage | Author: Harris Law Firm

A recent survey reports that as many as 20 million married Americans aren't getting enough sex from their spouse on a regular basis. According to the poll, many married people are dissatisfied with the lack of lovemaking and want to have sex more often. Almost 61 percent of married men with ages ranging from 45 to 55 say that having a good sex life is a critical part of a healthy relationship, and 47 percent of married women  in the same age group agreed. According to Denise A. Donnelly, an associate professor of socio …

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The Tax Consequences of Divorce

June 10, 2011
Categories: Colorado Divorce Info | Author: Harris Law Firm

The Equitable Division of Assets Colorado is an equitable distribution state where you and your spouse must divide your assets according to "whatever is fair" according to the family courts. Equitable division of assets is often a 50/50 split, but you and your soon to be former spouse can also agree out of court and decide how to split assets. The court will generally go along with the proposed agreement if it is fair.  The Federal Tax-Free Transfer Rule Usually Applies According to IRS Code Section 1041, you can divid …

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If you want to save your marriage...

June 8, 2011
Categories: Saving Your Marriage | Author: Harris Law Firm

If you are seeking to save your marriage, put the fun back in it, and go out on a date together! Dating is important for couples with young children because they need some "just us" time, and important for couples without kids because they often spend too much time working. Therapist Elisabeth Joy LaMotte says: However, the longer I work as a couples therapist, the more convinced I become that the place where many good marriages can start to deteriorate is rooted in a couples' joint failure to recognize the importance of making time to date. I practically beg the married coup …

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Having Coffee with Your Kids New Step-Mom

June 6, 2011
Categories: Child Support and Parenting Time | Author: Harris Law Firm

The first meeting between the divorced mom and and the new stepmom is going be awkward, but plan a meeting anyway. Call her, and set up a 30 minute meeting to have coffee and talk about the kids. Your ex-husband's new wife is going to have an influence on your children, so getting off to a healthy an positive start with her is important not just to your peace of mind, but also for your children. A one on one meeting between the two of you will humanize your relationship and can help to create a foundation for working to …

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Divorce Affects Children's Social Skills and Academic Progress

June 3, 2011
Categories: Helping Kids Cope | Author: Harris Law Firm

Young children whose parents have divorced not only struggle with anxiety and depression that affects their social skills for at least two years after the divorce but they also have difficulty with math skills.  YAHOO = window.YAHOO || {}; YAHOO.Media = YAHOO.Media || {}; YAHOO.Media.SocialButtons = YAHOO.Media.SocialButtons || {}; (function(){ var o_facebook_iframe_url="{url}&t={title}"; YAHOO.Media.SocialButtons.conf = { tracking: { _S: 97631923, …

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Schwarzenegger-Shriver to Divide $500 Million

June 2, 2011
Categories: Colorado Divorce Info | Author: Harris Law Firm

Like his soon-to-be ex-wife Maria Shriver, Arnold Schwarzenegger has hired a celebrity divorce attorney. Attorney Robert Kaufman will represent the former governor in his divorce from his estranged wife.  Kaufman, who has also represented Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Simpson in their dissolutions, is known for keeping his celebrity clients business off the newstands. Apparently Kaufman has already spoken with Shriver’s attorney Laura Wasser about how to proceed with the divorce negotiations. Wasser has also represented …

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