Breaking up is hard to do....but it may also be impossible.

July 20, 2011
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As almost 8,000 of couples in the GLBT community plan their upcoming weddings in the State of New York, many other couples are in a quandary regarding their right to divorce.

Since the federal government, and most states in US, does not recognize gay marriage as a legal entity, many GLBT couples are left without a method of terminating their marriages.

For example, an out-of-state couple who travels to New York to marry, or a couple who lives in-state and then moves to California cannot divorce in Massachusetts because they would have to be a resident for a minimum of one year. And if the couple's home state does not recognize a GLBT marriage, they cannot divorce there either.

The lack of legislation in this arena puts those in the GLBT community who decide to marry in a precarious legal position. Until gay and lesbian unions are recognized by the Federal Government and all states within the US,  GLBT couples who marry may find that breaking up is not only hard to do, it may virtually impossible until new legislation is passed to address these issues.


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