Devils Goalie Martin Brodeur Will Pay Permanant Maintenance

March 30, 2009

The New Jersey court ruled that the Devil's star goalie, Martin Brodeur, must pay his former wife $500,000 per year in child support and maintenance until 2020, the year his youngest child will graduate from high school. The ruling came last Thursday after Brodeur appealed a lower court ruling that awarded Melanie DuBois permanent maintenance, $132,000 in annual child support, and $9 million in other assets. Brodeur had originally asked that he only be required to pay maintenance until he retires in 2012, and DuBois asked that he pay until 2024 when their youngest is estimated to graduate from college. The couple married in August of 2005, and the marriage ended when Brodeur admitted an affair with his sister in law who was living with the Brodeurs to help to care for their 4 children. DuBois' attorney commented that there is no formula for maintenance in the State of New Jersey and that the amount of maintance awarded was based on the fact that the former Mrs. Brodeur needed to be supported because of the lifestyle that she created during the marriage and until she ceased to be the full time care giver for their children.

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