Do Not Obtain Divorce Advice from Friends, Family or Non-Divorce Professionals

September 13, 2011
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Typically, all an unhappy spouse has to do is breathe the word “divorce,” and everyone they know begins to share their personal experiences, offer opinions and give well-meaning advice.

While their intentions are good, and it is natural that those around you will want to provide comfort and support,  it is important to remember that everyone's situation is different and everyone's divorce will be unique. It is also important to realize that your state's divorce laws are subject to change, and family law differs widely from state to state.

But, how should you handle your friend's suggestions and your family's generous offers of assistance? Should you act on the sincerely-delivered advice of well-meaning friends, family and/or non-divorce professionals?

The short answer is "No", and

the longer answer is "Absolutely not"

You should only make decisions based on advice from those who are in professional practice who have a thorough understanding of your case.

 If you are going through a divorce, legal separation, or other family law matter, begin by consulting with a Colorado family law attorney so you can understand your rights and options according to Colorado law.

To set up a consultaition, you can call The Harris Law Firm at 303 515 5000.

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