Does Marriage Bring a Great Degree of Happiness?

October 21, 2010
Categories: Post Divorce Info | Author: Harris Law Firm

But betting on marriage to bring you happiness may be a risky gamble since about 48 percent of marriages end in divorce [source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention]. Nevertheless, psychologists have pointed to marriage as the single most reliable happiness indicator. Across nations and ethnic groups, people report greater happiness from marriage than career, community or money [source: Seligman]. A 2005 survey from the Pew Research Center substantiates these assertions. Forty-three percent of married respondents reported that they were "very happy," compared to 24 percent of unmarried individuals [source: Pew Research Center]. Those results were consistent for all age groups and genders. But as any good scientist knows, correlation does not always equal causation. To close the case on whether marital bliss trumps the single life, we must deduce which comes first: happiness or marriage?

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