Drug Testing in the Colorado Parenting Plan

August 24, 2010
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Drug Testing in the Colorado Parenting Plan

If one parent has been accused, or has admitted using and abusing drugs and/or alcohol, then you may wish to add contingent agreements in your parenting plan that include drug and alcohol testing.
The agreement may designate a certain duration, the frequency, the location of a drug and alcohol testing facility, and who is responsible to pay for the testing. Also, the agreement may reflect the conditions that occur when a drug and alcohol test is not passed.
Sometimes the Court will order such conditions as part of the parenting plan. However, the parties may agree to such testing as well.
If you would like to know more about having your parenting plan include a drug and alcohol testing prerequisite, please contact The Harris Law Firm at 303 515 5000

By Carrie Eckstein, Esq.


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