Having Coffee with Your Kids New Step-Mom

June 6, 2011
Categories: Child Support and Parenting Time | Author: Harris Law Firm

The first meeting between the divorced mom and and the new stepmom is going be awkward, but plan a meeting anyway. Call her, and set up a 30 minute meeting to have coffee and talk about the kids. Your ex-husband's new wife is going to have an influence on your children, so getting off to a healthy an positive start with her is important not just to your peace of mind, but also for your children. A one on one meeting between the two of you will humanize your relationship and can help to create a foundation for working together. You both have a lot to gain by meeting each other, and creating a healthy interaction could mean consistent parenting, and kids who know it is okay to have a strong relationship with their parents and the new step-parent without feeling stressd or guilty. Forging a relationship with your kids new step mom can also teach your children about conflict resolution skills. This meeting is not only in your best interest's, but it is in the best interests of your children as well.

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