Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise: A Model Divorce

July 19, 2012
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In the world of celebrity divorces, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise reached a reasonable settlement in record time.

And there was no courtroom drama, no trial, and no Mission Impossible for this dynamic duo.

Their process was civil, mature, and not for public consumption.

Hopefully their separation can be a model for others who want to end their marrige simply and without drama.

It is far less stressful to terminate a marriage in an amicable manner, and also far less expensive.

Here is why the Cruise style of divorce makes more sense:

A Settlement is Less Expensive: A less drawn-out divorce process will minimize the attorney fees

Reach an Agreement Quickly. Dont drag out your divorce proceedings. Be fair, positive, and kind, and move on with your new


Be Divorced Not Separated: It will allow you to move on.

Minimize Your Stress: A quick resolution will reduce your stress levels.

Your Can Begin Again: And this time you will be wiser.

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