Maria Shriver Hires Divorce Lawyer: Will She Terminate Her Marriage?

May 19, 2011
Categories: Child Support and Parenting Time | Author: Harris Law Firm

Former California First-Lady Maria Shriver has hired Laura Wasser, Esq. a  prominent Los Angeles domestic relations attorney. It has been reported that Shriver hired Wasser prior to the breaking news that her husband, Arnold Schwartzenegger, had fathered a child with a member of their household staff. Whether Ms. Shriver intends to file for a legal separation or the dissolution of marriage is still not clear, but the Kennedy women have a long history of putting up with their husbands' extra marital affairs. However, Maria is from a different generation and may not be as forgiving as her forebears. Given the magnitude of his very public indiscretion, she may be ready to terminate their 25 year union.  Maria also has a sizable personal fortune and given her history as a newswoman, it is possible that she may consider resuming her television career. But the couple has 4 children, and sources close to her say that they are her primary concern.

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