Preventing Parental Child Abductions

June 24, 2010
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Family law attorney Rich Harris, President of The Harris Law Firm says that "Although the tragedy associated with parental child abductions in Colorado is not common, the statistics still indicate that parents need to know how to protect themselves and their children. Prevention is worth a pound of cure in these cases, and when parents and children learn together how kidnappings occur, they can reduce the chances of it happening to them."


  • Retain originals of your child’s birth certificate and passport.


  • Maintain current photographs of your child that can be easily distributed via manual and electronic means.


  • Keep an updated written physical description of your child


  • Have your local law-enforcement agency fingerprint your child.


  • Provide written instructions to your child’s school authorities, day care providers, and doctor’s office personnel not to release information about your child to unauthorized sources.


  • Teach young children to spell their full name and memorize their home telephone number.


  • Obtain copies of the court order that clearly defines parenting time arrangements. Provide a copy to schools, day care, and school officials.

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