Resolving Disputes Via Mediation

December 16, 2009

Chaille EcksteinMediation is a less stressful alternative to resolving your family issues in a Colorado courtroom. Although it is not unusal for family law issues to settle just before the hearing after significant delays, high drama, adversity, and enormous legal costs, the costs of litigation include monetary expenses, extensive time and energy, hard feelings, and the deterioration of communication and relationships. Also, these altercations may set the stage for future battles, and a vicious cycle of future conflicts begins. Keep in mind that while many conflicts can be resolved in court, Mediation can achieve the same results in a less stressful and far more positive environment. Mediation provides a forum that is confidential and safe for the parties to freely exchange their ideas. Because the parties usually voluntarily attend mediation and discuss their issues and offer compromises, mediation is most often viewed as being fair and effective. Also, because the parties are involved in the formation of mutual agreements, they are more likely to uphold the agreement in the future and have improved communication and understanding in their relationship with one another.

Carrie Eckstein is a Colorado Family Law Attorney and a Certified Mediator.

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