Social Media Posts are Being Used as Evidence in Divorce Cases

March 22, 2011
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Information posted on Facebook, Twitter, other social media sites, and email records can all be obtained as evidence in Colorado divorce proceedings. So if you are currently involved in a divorce action where there is potential conflict regarding parenting time, child custody, or the division of assets, be aware that damaging information collected from these channels can be used against you.

Twenty percent of divorces now involve obtaining information about the opposing party via an online social media site, and an increasing number of Denver divorce attorneys say they are seeing more and more evidence obtained directly from these networking channels.
Keeping this in mind, parties to divorce should seek to refrain from posting, and/or eliminate any information on social networking sites that could be damaging. For example, photos of you drinking could be used by your soon to be former spouse to substantiate their claim that your parenting time should be limited to due your inclination towards over imbibing during your parenting time.
Be careful of what you post to your online networking sites and prevent online evidence from letting you present your case in a positive manner.

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