The Balloon Boy: a continuing saga

October 19, 2009
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richRich Harris, President of The Harris Law Firm, commented yesterday on the "Balloon Boy" incident. His interview with Channel 7 News regarding possible social service involvement aired at 10 pm on Monday, October 19th: "People need to be careful about assuming these kids are in harms way," said Harris, " And removing these children from the home may not be in their best interests." As a board member with The Adoption Exchange, Harris is aware that foster care is difficult and not always better than a child's current situation at home. He said that "In order for the kids to be removed from the parental home, the state will have to prove the children are in real danger. You are outraged, you want something to happen, but taking kids from their home is one of the harest things legally that the system can so, and that is probably as it should be." No charges have been filed against Richard Heeny regarding last week's incident.

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