The Good Karma Divorce

August 4, 2010
Categories: Colorado Divorce Info | Author: Harris Law Firm

The Summer/Fall edition of Divorce Magazine features life-changing insights from the book “The Good Karma Divorce” by Judge Michele Lowrance, in which she helps spouses have a destruction-free divorce by creating a “moral compass.” Readers will also learn from other experts how to forgive their former spouse and move on with their life, and how to foster their child’s long-term adjustment to divorce.

The issue also offers an array of helpful answers to frequently asked questions answered by local divorce lawyers and other divorce professionals, a financial health check-up quiz, and an overview of the debate on whether 50/50 joint custody by parents should be the starting point in any divorce settlement. "As a divorced father, I was pleasantly surprised to see that our poll on regarding 50/50 child access was supported by both women and men," notes Dan Couvrette, Divorce Magazine's publisher and CEO.

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