The State of Marriage

November 5, 2009
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Findings from the recently released 2008 American Community Survey have offered a detailed portrait from the U.S. Census Bureau regarding marriage and divorce statistics at the state level.  In Arkansas and Oklahoma, men and women marry early, and 50% of first-time brides in these states were age 24 or younger on their wedding day.  Residents of Massachusetts and New York marry later in life. Half of ever-married New York men were older than age 30 when they first wed.  Texas is the home state of more thrice-married adults than any other state, about 428,000 women and 373,000 men. About 6% of ever-married Texans have wed three times or more. Although similar to the national average of 5%, this is still well below the 10% of all ever-married adults who have had at least three spouses in Arkansas and Oklahoma. Conversely, just 2% of ever-married adults in New York and Massachusetts have been married at least three times.

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