There are No Perfect Parents

May 5, 2010
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There is no such thing as a perfect parent because parenting is much more of an art than it is a science.And if perfection were required, no one, not even the psychologists evaluating the needs of the children, or the judges deciding the case, would pass the test. However, in the context of divorce, we often see parents expecting and even demanding that the other parent achieve perfection. Some parents get upset because the children are playing sports, or riding four wheelers with their grandparents, or that they’re not fed a certain way, or that they are staying up to late. There may be a myriad of issues that they attribute as unacceptable parenting.But every parent must remember that the child's other parent will always have a different style. When you were getting along, you accepted your spouses parenting style, and often worked around it.You may have even found it cute or charming. But now, since a divorce has been filed, the same behavior that was working for all concerned when the two of you were getting along is now the subject of motions to restrict parenting time. (Please don’t confuse this with the actions of parent trying to help the other parent deal with mental health or substance abuse issues, until the problem becomes completely unmanageable.For those situations, a strong action plan may be necessary to protect the children.) But for many issues, the first step is to consider whether it warrants the filing of an emergency motion, whether the children are really endangered or harmed, or whether it is just no longer to your liking.Like it or not, mediocre parenting is simply not a cause for emergency hearings. Judges must perform litigation triage with regard to parenting issues, and have plenty of serious abuse cases to consider before they can get to the ones which are mere nuisances.It pays to exercise sound judgment before filing, considering whether this problem is worth the cost and brain damage of a day in court. Sometimes the best thing a lawyer can do for you is advise you to pick your battles.

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