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7 Indicators That You Need Marital Counseling

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With the influx of “happily ever after” commercials, movies, and stories, it is easy to believe that marriages lead to fairy tale endings. The media does not illustrate the reality of a relationship, primarily that it can require work. Like many other aspects of life, marriages need to be nourished and maintained to ensure its health. Couples need to communicate and express their feelings in order to fix whatever issue they are facing. However, too often spouses resort to divorce before taking measures to fix their union.

At The Harris Law Firm, we believe that divorce should be the last option for a couple. There are counseling and mediation that can help solve some of the problems in a marriage. We have compiled a list of common indicators that show that a couple might need counseling.

Arguments Sound Like a Broken Record

Often, the most common indicator that a couple should seek counseling is if they have the same argument constantly. The fight can start innocuously, with one spouse asking the other how their day was. The conversation can then dissolve into a string of familiar arguments that only lead to tension and remain unresolved.

Don’t Speak Anymore

Maybe worse than constant fights is when a couple no longer speaks. The lack of communication will only enlarge the chasm of separation between spouses. A therapist might help allow each party to voice what they are thinking in a controlled environment.

A Change in Sex Life

Another signifier of a troubled relationship is in the change of sexual intimacy. It is not uncommon for couples to form a routine or have a consistent sex life after marriage. However, if the sex life suddenly changes, either with reduced or increased intercourse, it can be a warning sign that something is not okay in the marriage. In healthy relationships, you should be able to talk about the changes. For couples who find it difficult to communicate, therapy might be an option.

Keeping Secrets

Healthy marriages are grounded in trust and communication. If individuals find themselves keeping information from their spouse, it can suggest trust issues. If these arise, counseling might resolve the problem or at least open channels of discussion.


Infidelity of any kind, physical or financial, implies a deeper problem in a relationship. If individuals find themselves considering the option of cheating on their significant other, it may be time to seek counseling. If a spouse has been unfaithful, and there is the slightest chance of reconciliation, therapy might be the best option.

Spouses Turn Into Strangers

It can happen quietly, almost without notice. One day an individual will turn to their spouse and wonder who they are as a person. Through time, couples can drift apart, leading different lives. When spouses feel like strangers, it shows a lack of intimacy.

Constantly Antagonizing Significant Others

Couples in relationships should help support and motivate each other. If individuals are constantly nitpicking the other’s actions and choices, it will cause a strain. If individuals bring out the worst in each other, there might be an underlying problem that needs to be addressed.

At The Harris Law Firm, we believe that divorce should be a last resort. We value the sanctity of marriage and encourage couples to find help. However, if divorce is imminent, we invite you to contact our Colorado family law attorneys who will answer your legal questions for free.


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