Collaborative Family Law

Divorce and family law can be difficult matters that can lead to drawn out court trials, if not properly addressed. That is why collaborative family law exists. Colorado collaborative family law emerges as an alternative to litigation, allowing for a space for two parties to openly communicate their wishes and expectations during a divorce. It is an alternative to trial law and can offer a good relationship after the divorce process as well.

During collaborative family law, both parties can still hire attorneys to represent their needs. However, collaborative law attorneys support their clients and guide them through a cooperative and non-adversarial meeting where the two parties can discuss their expectation and wishes. This process uses strategies to help minimize conflict and seeks mutually agreeable terms.

While the traditional legal system often assumes that divorcing parties hold animosity towards one another, collaborative law looks for a sense of communication and unity. This method allows for an expedient and efficient divorce, without the long trial meetings before a court. Because both parties come into collaboration trying to find a mutually beneficial outcome, this can be an expedient and efficient method to obtain a divorce.

Collaborative family law allows families to maintain confidentiality and privacy during the process. Spouses can keep the divorce proceeding to themselves, without having to record in court proceedings. Instead, they can receive a divorce decree. This can also protect the children from being privy to contentious arguments. Collaborative puts the family’s wellbeing to the forefront of all proceedings.

At The Harris Law Firm, P.C., we have experienced collaborative family law attorneys who are ready to help you. We understand the importance of maintaining healthy family dynamics. That is why we prioritize your needs and try to guide communication to an amicable agreement. If you and your spouse are looking for a collaborative divorce, contact our Colorado family law attorney today!

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