Rise In Aging Couples Seeking Divorce

By Carrie Eckstein

For a number of reasons, we are seeing a rise in the need for aging couples to seek a divorce: Occasionally couples grow apart or need assistance living, and only one party holds all accounts and is named on the accounts; the other party has limited or no access or knowledge of the finances. In some situations, medical bills are incurred that deplete all the marital funds. Or many times the parties’ children of a prior marriage are attempting to help their parent gain financial or legal relief, independence, or protect inheritance.

An attorney can assist and advise you regarding the benefits of a divorce to gain independence and relief. Often times it is beneficial for the parties to seek additional assistance from a guardian and/or conservator, who can help assist with parties’ physical or mental health needs, understanding of the divorce case, and the management of the financial division of property. Your divorce attorney can discuss options and address your concerns and goals. If you, your parent, or someone you know could benefit from legal advice regarding an elder divorce, please contact The Harris Law Firm.

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