Have you Considered and Planned for the Holidays?

Most Parenting Plans include provisions for major holidays, which typically include Thanksgiving and Winter Break (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, specifically). It can be a good idea to review your Parenting Plan in advance of the holidays to confirm your family plans and ensure they are in-line with your co-parent’s plans. Too often there are conflicting ideas around the holidays. Remember that the Holiday schedule takes priority over the Vacation schedule and both the Holiday and Vacation schedules takes priority over the regular schedule.

Your Parenting Plan provides an Ordered Plan. That being said, parents are encouraged to cooperate with one another and give consideration to a request by the other parent to informally temporarily alter the parenting schedule if either parent has special plans involving the children which would require that the parenting schedule be varied. All parenting time schedules may be changed on an interim or ad-hoc basis by the parties without Order of the Court. In many circumstances parents are encouraged to provide flexibility to one another in the schedule to promote the well-being of their children, including seeking opportunities for special events. But, the Order is your “fallback” schedule when there is conflict or no altered agreement can be reached, but parents may acknowledge the schedule may be changed by mutual written agreement based on the children’s and parties’ schedules, desires, and needs. To minimize confusion, all agreements shall be recorded in writing between the parents.

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