Parents abandon their children for a variety of reasons that can include drugs, alcohol, mental health issues, or even an affair. Others simply become so overwhelmed with the responsibiliites of life that they suspend their parenting time and lose contact with the children for extended periods of time. Whatever the reason for the separation, when an absent parent wants to resume parenting time it can create emotional turmoil for everyone involved. Questions about the absent parent’s history of neglect will create concern about what is best for the children. Will the children be safe around them? How will the children handle all of this? Is the absent parent going to come back into the children's lives only to abandon them again?

The best interests of the children must always remain at the forefront of these cases, and the assistance of a Colorado family law attorney and a mental health professional who focuses on family counseling is often warranted. An attorney can help you navigate this process while ensuring your children’s best interests, and a reunification therapist,or Child and Family Investigator or Parental Responsibility Evaluator, can assess the situation by interviewing the parents and formulate a plan that will (re)introduce the children to the absent parent in a manner that is best for the children.

Whatever your situation may be, when dealing with your child's reunification with an absent parent, a meeting with a Colorado family law attorney will get you started in the right direction.