Although divorce is a painful and difficult transition for you and your spouse, it is important to remember that a divorce or legal separation is also a challenging time for your kids.

To help your children through this trying time, we have provided a list of things that you can do to help your kids through the changes you are facing separately and together:

  1. Don't ask your kids to take sides in your divorce. Tell them that you love them, and will allow and encourage them to love both parents.
  2. Tell your children that your divorce is NOT your fault. Tell them that both parents will continue to love them and spend time with them even though all of you no longer reside under the same roof.
  3. Do not make disparaging remarks about your child's other parent. Having one parent make unkind statements about the other parent is confusing and not something that your children should have to experience.
  4. Keep your activities and routines as unchanged as possible to minimize the disruption in your children's life. Consistency will give them a sense of comfort and security.
  5. It is important to have a strong network of supportive friends and neighbors when you are going through a difficult period. Keeping this in mind, make sure that your kids also get together with their friends to talk and play and laugh. Life goes on, so make sure that they enjoy it!
  6. If your kids are having trouble adjusting to your separation, talk to them about how they are feeling. Allowing them to express their feelings and to share their concerns with you can be very healing. If you decide that they need extra help, you can access a list of therapists on our website who work with children and teens.