Should I Move Out Before Divorce?

Are you considering filing for a divorce in Colorado? If so, there are probably numerous questions swirling around in your mind, including: “where will you live?”, “should I move out before divorce?” and “how will you support yourself if your spouse was the primary breadwinner?”. The Colorado divorce lawyers at the Harris Law Firm have decades of experience helping women and men determine how a divorce will affect their finances, their assets, their children and their future.

While each couple’s situation varies, there are some general pieces of advice we can offer regarding whether or not you (or your spouse) should move out of the home you have shared during your marriage

e. When children are involved, however, the issue of who should move out becomes much more complex.

Because a couple’s home is often their most valuable asset, both husband and wife will probably feel an emotional connection to that home; this connection makes it difficult to leave the home. However, if the home is filled with bad memories, possibly related to domestic violence or substance abuse issues, it becomes much easier to just pack up and leave it all behind. Another issue that often makes it easy to leave a home you’ve shared with your spouse is if infidelity occurred in the home.

Sometimes, however, it’s not easy to pack up and leave because your home may have provided years of fond memories. When couples are separating, the decision of who should leave the home can be quite challenging. If you and your spouse cannot decide who gets what, so to speak, then your Colorado divorce lawyers and the courts will decide for you.