Places to Contact When Your Name Changes

Changing your name following a divorce requires that you notify a number of agencies, offices, and companies, in order to change your name in every aspect of your life. Start the process by obtaining a certified copy of the decree permitting the change of name from the court clerks' office. Then, send a copy of the certified copy along with a letter asking that your name be changed. While not exhaustive, listed below are some of the common groups you should contact about your name change:

  • Professional licensing boards and associations
  • Drivers license bureau and state motor vehicle department.
  • Social Security
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Insurance carriers (life, homeowners, auto)
  • Banks and credit unions
  • Credit card companies, including department stores that have issued them to you
  • Other creditors, such as your mortgage company, student loan source
  • Library
  • Subscriptions
  • Utilities
  • Alumni associations and service/community clubs

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