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Colorado Divorce: Automatic Temporary Injunctions

Automatic Temporary Injunction:

Many people want to know if they will need to plan around any temporary restrictions during the divorce process.

You should be aware that once either one of you files the “Petition for Dissolution or Marriage” or divorce, a so-called “automatic temporary injunction” goes into effect.

Basically, this is an automatic order from the Court that prevents either one of you from wasting money, making unusually large purchases, letting insurance policies lapse, harassing each other, or leaving the state with the kids without consulting each other or getting permission from the Court.

This doesn’t mean that your bank accounts are frozen or that you cannot travel. You can still spend money in your normal way to meet your reasonable needs. You can also spend money in an unusual way if you both agree, or if you get the Court’s permission. You can still travel. You can even travel out of state with the kids if you both agree, or if you get the Court’s permission.

The goal is to maintain the status quo, and avoid unnecessary conflict, until you can separate your affairs and finalize your divorce.

You can find the complete rule in the Colorado Revised Statute section 14-10-107, and we can go into more detail when you come in for a consult. We look forward to seeing you.
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