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Colorado Custody: Summer is a Good Time to Review Your Parenting Plan


Summer is a good time to review your parenting plan to see which parent, or if both parents, are to decide which school the children should attend and who is to register the children.

If one parent has “sole decision making” regarding the education of the children, then it is usually that parent who is expected to decide which school the children should attend, and then register the children. When the parents share joint decision making, the parents should discuss the children's school options, and then make a joint decision where the children should attend school and who should register the children.

Whether the parents have either sole or joint decision making, the parent who registers the children should list both of the parents' addresses for the children's contact information for emergencies and school mailings and announcements.

If your agreement is unclear regarding choice of schools, decision making, school registration, or payment for school expenses, you may need to contact The Harris Law Firm to assist you in drafting an agreement regarding future decisions.

Blog Post by: Carrie Eckstein, Esq