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Colorado Divorce Mediation


Mediation is becoming an increasingly common alternative to litigation when it comes to divorce in Colorado. In Colorado divorce mediation, the parties discuss what they would like to see happen during their divorce with a neutral third party helping them achieve their desired outcomes. Mediators are often psychologists and attorneys not working “for” either side. Mediation allows the couple to discuss the specifics of their divorce behind closed doors at a neutral location without having to appear in court numerous times as litigation often requires.

Unlike a judge, a mediator has no power or authority to make legal decisions concerning the divorce. The role of the mediator is to facilitate discussion among the parties and suggest ways to come to a desirable resolution for both. While it may sound impossible that couples could ever both be pleased with a divorce resolution, an experienced mediator will work diligently to resolve disputes as peacefully and efficiently as possible.

One of the many advantages to Colorado divorce mediation is that it is much less expensive than full representation by a law firm. In mediation, the divorcing parties share the costs of a single mediator. Also, a neutral location provides a less intimidating environment when children and personal family issues are being discussed. When couples divorce by way of mediation, they are often much more satisfied with the outcome because they feel as though they impacted it directly.

While the cost-effectiveness of mediation is its most popular feature, many couples find that they learn effective conflict resolution skills through mediation. Considering many divorces involving children will usually require modifications regarding custody and support issues, it’s beneficial to learn how to manage conflict in a positive fashion to be better prepared when disputes arise.

Not sure if mediation is right for you? Ask one of the experienced Colorado divorce attorneys at The Harris Law Firm.