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Making Your Marriage Work


Making Your Marriage Work

All marriages have their challenges, but here are some tips to help salvage your troubled relationship when you are faced with life’s inevitable ups and downs.

  • Seek to Remedy Your Issues Quickly

When you identify a problem within your marriage, deal with the issue immediately. The more time you wait without making an effort to remedy the problem, the more likely is becomes that the issue will escalate.

  • Spend Quality Time Together

When you find that you are spending less and less time together, work together to recall the good times you had, and be creative when attempting to determine how you can start enjoying each others company again.

  • Create Teamwork

Marriage is about communication, commitment and teamwork. When you work together as a team, you can create solutions that are win/win.

  • Work on Your Partnership

Don’t allow your problems to overwhelm your marriage. You are partners, and can work together by listening to each other and finding viable solutions.

  • Respect Your Spouses Needs

One of the most important aspects of a healthy marriage is mutual respect. Without it, your marriage will be perpetually challenged.

  • Share Your Feelings

The give and take that occurs within a relationship requires constant balance. Listening to what your partner needs, and communicating your needs to your partner, is vital to the health of your marriage.

  • Deal with Infidelity

Although couples can recover from an instance of infidelity, it is not easy. The cheating spouse must be genuinely sorry, and make amends to the other partner. They must also be willing to terminate the affair, promise to remain faithful in the future, and spend whatever time necessary recreating trust in the marriage. Couples counseling may be required when dealing with the aftermath of infidelity.

  • Communicate with Your Spouse

Marital problems are best solved with open, honest communication. Personal and intimate exchange in a marriage is necessary to the health of your relationship.