The Harris Law Firm is guided by values. Why is that important?

It ensures that we work with our clients backed by the power of conviction and integrity. Our family law attorneys believe in the work they do, which means they will work tirelessly on your behalf. We practice family law because we believe it is the right thing to do, and that people need our services. Below are our seven primary values that distinguish us as a law firm.

We Focus Solely on Family Law

By devoting our entire practice to family law, we allow ourselves the time and focus to stay up-to-date on a constantly shifting legal landscape.

Law is not set in stone—in fact, almost imperceptible changes to the interpretation and implementation of law happen every day. We take pride in our ability to keep track of our practice area, giving us a stronger grasp of family law that directly benefits our clients.

We Work as a Team

Our legal team frequently meets to discuss our cases with each other. While one attorney will be the primary handler of a case, each lawyer at The Harris Law Firm is backed by the collective insight and 250 years of combined experience of over a dozen highly-skilled colleagues.

Our clients receive a thorough, detailed approach to their case that is only available through cooperative strategizing. Our firm offers the cost of a single attorney, but with the power and value of a whole team of lawyers providing insight into their situation.

We Focus on Children

Many of our attorneys know firsthand the devastation that a poorly-handled divorce can bring to a family, both as parents and as children of divorcees.

Our approach prioritizes the well-being of any children in our client’s household, ensuring that they are spared any pain or emotional trauma. We develop strategies with them in mind because any result that comes at the cost of a child’s well-being has no right to be called a victory.

We Assist Families Through Challenging Times

Our attorneys firmly believe that any family law case must address the emotional needs of the clients. That is why we offer access to family counselors during the entire legal process, to facilitate our clients’ emotional well-being while we advocate on their behalf.

We Communicate Clearly and Often

Our focus is client satisfaction throughout every case. While we work on your behalf, you can trust that we will reach out to you frequently to offer updates while we ask about your emotional well-being. We also know that good client-attorney relationships are part of what bring you peace of mind through a difficult legal ordeal.

Our priority is you—not just your case.

We Are Cost-Efficient

Our sensitive approach to family law cases—intended to facilitate cooperation and negotiation—helps save our clients a great deal of money. Our firm believes in using costly trial proceedings when all other options have been exhausted, preferring to save you money and heartache through collaborative solutions.

Our focus in one practice area has also made us efficient through experience. In addition, our investment in strong technology means we serve you as quickly as possible, keeping costs low.

We Develop a Culture of Diversity

At The Harris Law Firm, we believe that the term “family” is broadening every day as society becomes more open and progressive towards new definitions. Our firm has always been dedicated to serving families of all varieties, no matter the races, genders, sexual orientations, faiths, or socioeconomic backgrounds involved. We create diverse solutions for our equally diverse clients.

The Colorado divorce attorneys at our firm have received numerous awards and honors for their achievement and integrity in the field of family law. Learn more about those distinctions.

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