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Co-Parenting with your Ex-Spouse


With any divorce that involves children, the best interests of the children must always be the number one priority of all parties involved. Ex-spouses must put aside their personal differences when it comes to their children; regardless of how much you may dislike your ex, you must remember he/she is the other parent the children you love. Co-parenting after divorce can be a challenge because while both parents may want what’s best for the children, personal feelings can get in the way. If you and your ex-spouse share custody of children, it’s imperative that you sit down and discuss a co-parenting plan that meets the needs of your children.

Children are more perceptive than some parents realize, and they can tell when their parents are fighting. For this reason, you must keep communication with your ex-spouse out of earshot of your children at all times. When it comes to discussing co-parenting strategies after divorce, do so behind closed doors without your children being present.

If you and your ex-spouse had a friendly divorce, strategizing about a co-parenting plan can be an enjoyable experience. The better you get along with your ex after the divorce, the more pleasant co-parenting will be. Wouldn’t it be nicer to get along with your ex and agree on parenting strategies, vacations, activities and expenses than to always be at odds and in disagreement?

If you are facing a divorce in Colorado and need guidance regarding co-parenting after divorce, please request a consultation with the legal experts at the Harris Law Firm.