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Divorce Support Groups


If you are contemplating divorce or have been asked for a divorce, you are most likely experiencing feelings of sadness, anger, regret or even downright panic. Divorce is a stressful experience, even if you are the one who wants to get out of the marriage. If you have children, you know they too are going to be affected by your divorce. To minimize the negative effects of divorce on your family, we suggest you get help from local divorce support groups where you can hear from others who are going through similar experiences.

Seeking help from others who have been through divorce is a great way to realize you’re not alone in what you’re feeling. Divorce support groups will allow you the chance to hear others tell their stories and for you to share yours. Support groups value privacy and anonymity, and you will not be judged when surrounded by people who truly understand what you’re dealing with.

Children of divorce may learn coping skills by hearing from other children, and they will certainly find that they’re not alone. Sharing their feelings and fears with peers is often much less scary than speaking to adults. Your children deserve the opportunity to get as much support and love as possible throughout the difficult process of divorce.

Find local divorce support groups by checking out the links below.