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Divorce Recovery


Whatever the reason for your divorce, making the decision to end your marriage is a painful and difficult one. Our relationships begin with the hope for a bright future, but when they fail, the sense of loss can be devastating. It is not simply the loss of the relationship that we grieve, but also a life shared, and a future that was planned together. Recovering from a divorce is a complex process, and healing takes time, but it is important to know that you can, and will, begin again.

A New Beginning

Take the time you need to heal, and allow yourself to regroup, and re-energize, as you embark on the process of recovery.

Remember that moving on is your ultimate objective. While expressing your feelings can free you from your pain, it is important not to allow the expression itself to dominate your life. Your objective is to learn from the experience, to heal, and to begin moving forward into a new and better life.

You will begin your new life by making changes, which will include meeting new people and cultivating new friendships. Get involved by taking a class, joining a gym, or becoming a member of a club or place of worship. By participating in your community and being with people who share and support your interests, you will begin again.