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What’s Best for the Children?


If you are a parent in an unhappy marriage, one of your main concerns is probably deciding what is best for your children. Many couples stay together purely for the sake of their children. While this impulse is very generous, couples have to consider whether raising children in a home where the parents are clearly no longer in love, is better than the alternative.

If you do decide to divorce, you must remember that the feelings of your children should be a top priority. Keep in mind that you and your spouse represent security in the eyes of your children. It is imperative to keep their presence and their feelings in the forefront at all times. If you and your spouse divorce, you will have to deal with child custody issues, child support judgments, and the division of assets. Sometimes, children get caught in the middle of a difficult divorce; it’s your responsibility as their parents to minimize the effects of divorce on your children.

When one parent is clearly unfit and is determined as such by the court, the decision of what is best for the children becomes much easier; however, there are numerous instances in which both spouses are capable, loving parents who both want full custody of their minor children. If this is the case, divorce and custody issues become highly stressful for the adults and frightening for the children because they’re torn between parents who love them and have treated them well their whole lives.

In addition to deciding the issue of custody of minor children in a Colorado divorce, there are numerous other factors that must be considered. Where the child or children live geographically is only one small part of how divorce affects children – their lives and their futures. How divorce affects children varies, and some handle it better than others, divorce can have adverse effects that last many years or even decades. It is your duty as parents to ensure the best interests of your children are met prior to, during and after your divorce.

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