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Parenting Coordinators with Decision Making Authority

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Working with a co-parent, while necessary when children are involved, can prove to be an exceptionally difficult task. There are countless reasons why you can’t, or won’t face your co-parent. Colorado lawmakers understood that these difficulties needed to be sorted out in order to look out for the best interests of children, and passed legislation in 2005 allowing parenting coordinators and parenting coordinators with decision-making authority to assist the parties involved during or after legal proceedings.

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Our Colorado family law attorneys at the Harris Law Firm are committed to helping our community navigate their legal situation, no matter how complicated, in order to secure an outcome that best suits their families’ needs. Reach out to us today to learn more about the services we offer, and begin planning the steps you need to take to move onto the next phase of your life in the best position possible.

How Can A Parenting Coordinator or a Parenting Coordinator with Decision-Making Authority Help You?

The Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) published a set of guidelines (PDF) for parenting coordinators to follow when granted decision-making authority. The objective of this type of alternative dispute resolution is to help parents who need assistance to work together in implement a parenting plan, ensure that the details of the plan are being followed, resolve any conflicts that may arise, and ensure that the children involved can maintain a healthy and meaningful relationship with their parents. The 12 guidelines are:

  1. The parenting coordinator must have the necessary education and training to fulfill their duties in this role;
  2. The parenting coordinator must remain impartial throughout the process;
  3. The parenting coordinator may not take on this role if there is a clear conflict of interest;
  4. The parenting coordinator may not serve in multiple roles that would create a professional conflict;
  5. The parenting coordinator must inform all parties involved of the confidentiality limitations in the coordination process;
  6. The parenting coordinator will promote the best interests of the children involved and will assist the parties in reducing harmful conflict;
  7. The parenting coordinator’s responsibilities and authority will be clearly defined by the court order or parent stipulation;
  8. The parenting coordinator will ensure that the parties involved understand the process so they can give their informed consent;
  9. The parenting coordinator will provide full disclosure and explain any fees or charges to the parties involved;
  10. The parenting coordinator will communicate with all parties involved in order to preserve the integrity of the process and keep the parents’ and children’s safety in consideration;
  11. The parenting coordinator will attempt to facilitate an agreement between the parties involved as they arise in a timely manner. If an agreement cannot be reached, the parenting coordinator will make the final decision in order to resolve the dispute;
  12. The parenting coordinator will not engage in marketing practices that contain misleading or false information.

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At the Harris Law Firm, our Colorado family law lawyers have 250 years of combined legal experience and understand just how difficult these situations can be, and we are committed to providing you with the knowledgeable and passionate professionals that you require to assist you with coordinating and implementing the terms of your Parenting Plan and Orders, as your children deserve.

Currently, the Harris Law Firm has three attorneys who provide Parenting Coordinator or a Parenting Coordinator with Decision-Making Authority services:

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