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Avoiding Parental Alienation


While many couples hope to part amicably, it’s an unfortunate fact that most divorces are contentious. With contention often comes parental alienation, which is the act of pitting one parent against the other when the couple has children. If you are facing divorce or are in the process of divorce, you may be concerned about how your children will handle the divorce and how your ex will cope with custody and parenting time (visitation).

What children of divorce need the most is to maintain healthy and strong relationships with both of their parents. Keep in mind that what is in the best interests of the children is always the top priority. Children must be shielded from the conflicts of the parents; you cannot put children in a position where they feel as though they are choosing sides. You cannot ask your children which parent they’d rather spend time with when they’re young, and you cannot insinuate that your ex-spouse is an unfit parent.

If the court has appointed you the primary parent, you cannot use that as ammunition to prove you’re a better parent than your ex. Children have an innate desire to be loved and cared for by both parents. Parental alienation exists when one or both parents do or say anything that would lead the children to have negative feelings toward a parent or make the children feel less loved by one parent over the other.

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