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Should I Introduce My Child to the Person I am Dating?


By Jacob Allen

You don't tell your child everything about your life, and you don't need to introduce them to everyone you know. If you have dated a person for several weeks following your divorce, you do not have to keep your dates a secret, but delay introducing this person to your children until you have created some history together. You don't have to wait forever, but wait until the relationship has reached a level of stability. When you two are serious about creating a future together, that is the time to introduce the children. Kids often form attachments quickly, and when a person they believe will be there in their lives forever is suddenly gone, the end of the relationship can feel like rejection to them. So wait until your relationship is strong, and then invite your friend to a casual dinner or lunch at your home. When you allow your kids to meet the new man or woman in your life in a safe and secure environment, it will help to ensure that their first interaction is a pleasant one.