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How the Courts Deal with Different Types of Families


Most families in our modern society do not fit into a typical mold.

Same-sex couples, unwed heterosexual couples, and multigenerational households are all examples of families that don’t fit neatly into the nuclear family model upon which many of our laws were initially based. And while their concerns in the field of family law are the same as any family, parent, or spouse, these families can face unique legal predicaments created by outdated laws and definitions of concepts like marriage and parenthood, especially in matters involving child custody, visitation, and parental rights.

Without concrete guidance from the state legislature, these families are typically forced to resolve these legal issues in the court system.

The laws and cases regarding these legal issues vary tremendously throughout the United States. However, there is an increasing trend for states to recognize that maintaining a relationship between the child and the non-legal parent is often in the child's best interests.

Based on a recent Court of Appeals decision, Colorado recognizes the potential emotional harm a child might suffer if the court terminates the child's relationship with that child's non-legal parent. Yet, the legal status of the relationship between a child and their non-legal parent is far from secure.

If you are a parent- legal, genetic, or non-legal- and you face a family law problem, you would be best served by contacting someone who has knowledge and experience in such matters.

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