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Financial Counseling


Divorce can be financially difficult for both parties, and oftentimes, children suffer due to drastic changes in disposable income after divorce. If you are a newly divorced woman or man and are now forced to enter or re-enter the workforce to provide for your family, you may be experiencing feelings of anxiety, dread and fear. Even spouses who collect maintenance from their ex will typically need to supplement those payments with income of their own. If your ex was the “breadwinner,” it’s even more daunting to take on the responsibilities associated with being a single parent, especially those related to providing a comfortable living for you and your children.

Fortunately, there are many financial counseling services in Denver and surrounding areas that have a great deal of experience helping newly divorced adults learn how to manage their money and provide for their families. The experts at the Harris Law Firm strongly encourage you to seek out financial counseling support to help you get financially organized as soon as possible following your divorce. In fact, before your divorce is even final, you should make an appointment with one or more financial counselors so you’re more prepared to start your new life once the divorce is final.

An experienced and independent financial adviser can often help steer you in the right direction, as well. However, do be sure to thoroughly vet your financial adviser in the same way that you would vet any, other important professional such as a Colorado divorce attorney. Among other avenues, you may want to get a personal referral from a close friend, family member, or from your attorney.