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Collaborative divorce is a type of divorce where both parties commit to a mutually-beneficial solution, without the option of pursuing any other action. It is a kind of mediation, except it involves both parties’ lawyers rather than a neutral third party. Collaborative divorce begins with a contract stipulating that neither side’s lawyers will pursue litigation or trial action if an agreement is never reached.

How Collaborative Divorce Can Help You

In this type of agreement, both sides agree that the only solution they are willing to commit to is one that each willingly accepts. The end goal of this process is negotiation and settlement, not a trial. The Harris Law Firm is dedicated to these kinds of solutions. Collaborative divorce can minimize emotional trauma to spouses and their children, and it empowers both sides of the family to reach an agreement that keeps them operating as a family unit. The exhaustion, tension, and hostility that divorces are stereotypically known for causing can be minimized, or even eliminated, in a collaborative divorce.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of a collaborative divorce is it sets the tone for continuing family interaction. If parents can reach a collaborative agreement at the end of their marriage, it sets a strong precedent for future collaboration as they jointly raise their children. Communication, even in truly difficult situations, can still remain positive and creative, not critical or adversarial.

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How Can Our Divorce Lawyers Help?

The Harris Law Firm is wholeheartedly committed to peaceful, cooperative solutions whenever possible—that’s why much of our team is made of highly-skilled negotiators and certified mediators. We believe in the personal, financial, and legal advantages of a negotiation. Strong divorce agreements are the result of both parties committing to the solution, and we are committed to finding such a solution.

With over 200 years of collective experience in trial law and negotiations, our family law attorneys have the insight and skill to craft truly creative, beneficial results for you and your family. Our aim is to ensure that you receive what you need in an agreement without adding undue stress or pain to the process. If you are interested in the advantages of a collaborative divorce, contact our firm as soon as you can. If you have a question about the divorce process, we can answer your legal question at no cost to you.

If you are interested in a collaborative divorce, seek the help of the largest family law firm in Colorado. Call The Harris Law Firm today at (303) 622-5502.

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