The Impact of Substance Abuse on Marriage and Family

Is Your Loved One Struggling With Addiction?

Substance abuse can have a dramatic impact on families, and although the causes of substance abuse are complicated, the results are often the same. The tension between the addict’s desire for the substance, and the addict’s family’s desire for a life without the substance typically culminates in string of poor decisions, ruined careers, destroyed families and unhappy lives.

The substance abuser often remains in denial that he or she is dependent on drugs, chemicals, or alcohol. Thus, the refusal to accept professional treatment or help from friends and family by the substance abuser is common among those who have chemical dependencies.

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Problems that stem from substance abuse can put a tremendous strain on marriage and family, but it is only when the substance abuser recognizes the problem and consents to treatment that positive changes can occur. Spouses and families who face the challenges associated with a loved one’s dependency should also be involved in the treatment and the recovery process. The development of and commitment to family-based recovery support systems are critical to the substance abuser’s success in achieving and continuing an addiction-free lifestyle.

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