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Full Representation


Choosing full legal representation to handle your Colorado divorce is an extremely important decision that cannot be taken lightly. While there are several different types of representation options for people considering divorce, full representation (retainer plus hourly rates) is one of the most common choices because it ensures that an experienced Colorado divorce attorney will be with you every step of the way during the divorce process.

Another option, unbundled legal service, allows you to save money by “paying as you go” throughout the divorce process, but with full legal representation, you receive much more than assistance with legal documents and preparation for court hearings. Your divorce lawyer will gather information to prepare all of your legal documents and appear in court on your behalf, when legally permissible or advisable to do so.

If you represent yourself (pro se), you may not feel as confident about receiving a positive outcome as you would had you chosen full legal representation. If you have children and feel that you and your children’s best interests would best be served by expert legal counsel, then we advise you a hire a lawyer you know has successfully handled numerous divorce cases throughout his/her career.

Full Representation is likely be your best option if:

  • You and your spouse own a business together
  • You suspect your spouse has hidden assets
  • The amount of debt and/or assets is large
  • You cannot agree on a division of assets and debt
  • You and your spouse dispute where the children will live

Divorce is a complicated, messy business, and someone other than a full representation lawyer may overlook some of the intricate details dealing with your divorce. Having a highly skilled experienced divorce lawyer on your side will ensure that documents are filed properly and deadlines are met. Divorce requires an ongoing dialogue amongst all parties involved; by being fully represented you’ll know that the issues surrounding your divorce will be handled with your best interests in mind.

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