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Legal separation is unique from divorce in that it does not terminate the marriage. A separation is when a married couple chooses to live separately, and they come to an arrangement by court order. The court order will usually determine similar concerns to a divorce agreement, such as:

There are multiple types of separation. The most common type is a “trial separation,” a period wherein a couple will separate in order to decide if they want to divorce. Any property or assets acquired during the separation is usually regarded as the sole property of the individual rather than the marriage—however, it is always best to consult legal representation regarding specific questions of this kind. The Harris Law Firm offers answers to any legal question at no cost to you.

The Benefits of a Trial Separation

Trial separations can be beneficial for spouses who want a smoother transition from marriage to divorce. Separation distances spouses from emotional situations that might otherwise cloud their judgement or incite hostility. Separation potentially allows for divorce proceedings to be less emotionally-charged, leading to peaceful, clear, and beneficial settlement.

Separation can also provide a temporary solution for couples who are unsure about divorce—separation agreements are very similar to divorce agreements, but can be easily undone. It provides a way to see how divorce plays out without committing to a permanent termination.

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At The Harris Law Firm, we are committed to processes that are simple, peaceful, and smooth. Our sensitive, compassionate divorce attorneys are highly-skilled and experienced in family law. We understand what makes a beneficial separation agreement, and how to help you achieve one. Our lawyers will listen to your specific needs and desires, devoting themselves entirely to achieving your goals during any hearings or negotiations. Our firm solely practices family law and have honed their skills throughout the 8,000+ family law cases they have handled so our insight is sharp, reflecting 250 years of collective experience.

If you are considering a trial separation, contact the family law attorneys at The Harris Law Firm. Put our experience to work for you by calling (303) 622-5502.

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