What is Post-Decree Modification?

After a divorce is finalized, there may be changing circumstances that demand alterations to the divorce agreement. These alterations are known as post-decree modifications. They are motions requested by either party after a divorce, either as a reflection of changing circumstances or a breach of contract between the ex-spouses. Post-decree modifications can affect child custody, child support, or alimony.

The ideal divorce is final in every sense of the word—a good divorce agreement does not need alteration. Continuing litigation is never ideal, even for the person that initiates it. However, it is sometimes necessary. For example, a spouse may lose his or her job or require more to support themselves. Sudden loss or gain of assets would justify a modification to the alimony agreement.

In the event that the two parties in dispute are parents, the court may assign a Guardian Ad Litem. A Guardian Ad Litem is a neutral party that solely represent the interests of the child, regardless of who has custody. They may interview both parents in order to help the court determine how they should respond.

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How Our Divorce Lawyers Can Help

The end goal for post-decree modification is to resolve changes quickly and decisively, allowing both parties to move on with their lives. Our family law attorneys at The Harris Law Firm have 250 years of combined experiecne and can help simplify a potentially difficult process. Our experienced lawyers have a firm understanding of Colorado family law and have honed their skills through the 8,000+ family law clients they have helped. Each attorney is backed by the years of experience and understanding that the whole firm possesses.

We are skilled negotiators, but in the event that your needs and rights are being ignored, we are also aggressive trial lawyers. We seek nothing less than the absolute best results for you and your loved ones. Do not hesitate to contact us for all of your needs regarding post-decree modification.

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