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How You Modify Child Support

When it comes to supporting your children, The Harris Law Firm knows that you are not willing to compromise. Our attorneys have 250 years of combined experience and use thier skills in negotiation and aggressive trial tactics in order to craft the best possible solutions for our clients, especially children. Modifying child support can be a motion initiated by either the payee spouse or the recipient spouse, but either case requires proof of changed circumstances.

Changing circumstances can include:

  • Sudden loss of income
  • Increase of child-rearing costs
  • A refusal to pay child support

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The Harris Law Firm Represents the Needs of Children

While a child’s financial needs are obviously important, child support disputes can potentially cause more harm than good. It can be a deeply emotional and turbulent process. Child support disputes can put a child directly between two warring sides, causing rifts in his or her family and harming his or her self-image.

If you want to a facilitate modifications to a child support agreement, you will need to provide both sensitive and aggressive measures—difficult without skilled legal representation. A good child custody lawyer can represent the child’s needs on all fronts: legally, financially, and emotionally.

The family law attorneys at The Harris Law Firm advocate for the needs of children in any situation involving custody or support. Many members of our legal team are familiar with the personal costs incurred in a divorce, both as parents and as children. We fight for the best possible solution for our clients, which includes fighting for the rights of their children while insulating them from the process. Our firm will aggressively uphold your rights without ever placing your children at the center of a dispute. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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