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Colorado Custody: Questions about what your child support covers?

The beginning of school always brings disagreements for unmarried/divorced parents about how (or not) to share school expenses. Generally the parent receiving child support pays for haircuts, clothing and school supplies. This is true especially if child support is calculated on a worksheet A. If each parent has more than 25% of the time with the children and child support is calculated on a worksheet B, the parent paying child support is expected to share more of the expenses over and above payment of child support. This is true because the worksheet B lowers the child support The law does not specifically say that, but judges recognize worksheet B parents need to share expenses. The law only requires that “extraordinary” expenses be shared. Those are defined as medical expenses not covered by health insurance. The parent receiving child support has to pay the first $250.00. Those are shared in proportion to your income. Sometimes people define extracurricular activities, especially expensive sport activities, as extraordinary, as well.

If you are having arguments about child support or extra expenses, you may want to read Colorado Revised Statute §14-10-115 or talk to an attorney to find out how the law applies to your particular situation.