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Exploring Family Therapy


Counseling is the First Step

The Harris Law Firm strongly believes that prior to speaking with a Colorado family law attorney about divorce, couples should first explore family therapy, couples counseling, or individual therapy to fully investigate the problems that are contributing to difficulties within the marriage.

The Benefits of Family Therapy

A qualified therapist can assist in identifying points of contention within the relationship, and ask the kinds of questions that may stimulate both parties to begin thinking about potential solutions. The counselor can also offer viable suggestions on how to solve or minimize the problematic issues. For separating couples who are having difficulty communicating, a class in handling conflict may also be beneficial for them and their children. In Colorado, you can contact the Center for Divorce and Parenting by calling 303-771-5424.

Counseling for Your Children

When your children are also experiencing emotional difficulties and are exhibiting negative behaviors associated with thedivorce, counseling may also be helpful for them. Group counseling for children can be very effective as it often “normalizes” the divorce process for them, but sometimes family therapy may offer the best fit for your child. A mental health professional can help you to determine what type of counseling is the best fit for your child.

Finding a Qualified Therapist

Whether you are trying to save your marriage, or dealing with the emotional issues associated with divorce, working with a counselor, therapist or other qualified mental health professional can help you and/or your family sort through the confusion and sometimes conflicting emotions associated with marital transition.

To find a qualified mental health professional in your area, you can call your state's psychological association or ask an experienced family law attorney for recommendations. Friends and associates who have experienced the divorce process may also be excellent resources for referrals.