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Temporary Orders


The period between filing for divorce and obtaining the final decree can be challenging because decisions must be made about finances, property, and parenting time.

  • Frozen Assets:

After a divorce action is filed, the Court will issue a temporary domestic order instructing both parties not to interfere with marital property. Attempts to sell the marital home, close bank accounts, or buy or sell investments can result in breach of fiduciary duty charges.

  • Treating Your Spouse with Respect:

In interim orders, the Court will direct both parties not to threaten or intimidate the other party. If you have reason to fear physical or emotional harm from your spouse, speak with your attorney about filing for a restraining order.

  • Temporary Child Support and Parenting Time:

In temporary orders, the Court will determine a dollar amount that will serve the family during the interim period prior to permanent orders. There will also be a determination of temporary custody and parenting time.

  • Additional Concerns

Who will live in the marital home and how bills will be paid are additional concerns. The Court will consider the combined incomes of the parties, temporary custody and visitation. The needs of both parties and the children will be addressed by the Court.

Interim orders establish the ground rules prior to divorce. This is a period that can be emotionally challenging for the parties involved, and all members of the family.

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